• Virgin.com: The rise of activist brands

    (Brand strategy; content)

    Article for Virgin's Branding edition, including interviews with Ecosia and Bulb

    Escape's Vision & Mission

    (Brand strategy)

    Brand narrative to refine Escape's 'why' and underpin future strategy

    Creating an 'uncorporate' brand

    (Brand strategy; content)

    Blog post outlining Escape the City's new brand identity

    Brand voice style guide


    Voice and tone guidelines for Escape the City, to align a new visual identity with a powerful, relevant voice

    The SDG Review: Reinventing Careers

    (User insights; content)

    An article for the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Review about building sustainable livelihoods

    World Escape Day

    (Copywriting; brand activation)

    London edition of a global community event in 22 cities

    'Dear corporates' - an open letter

    (Content; brand activation)

    Brand awareness project with Escape's CEO, which collected 100s of people's bosses' signatures

    Free your idea in 5 steps


    eBook for early stage entrepreneurs as part of wider content strategy

    Think Feel Food


    A microsite about food and brain health

    Financial Times: live video interview

    (User insights + thought leadership)

    Discussing career change and the future of work with the Financial Times

    Why I travel solo


    An independent blog post with nearly 100k views, which has since been published in print

    Elle Magazine: Womanhood 2014

    (User insights)

    Research conducted on female gender perceptions, featured as part of Elle's Womanhood 2014 edition