• Hi, I'm Becca. I write about big ideas and global issues, tell stories about people who are changing the world, and help environmentally- and socially-minded organisations be more of who they are.


    I have put words together for organisations like WWF, Comic Relief, and B Lab. And I have written articles for publications including the BBC and The Ecologist.

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    > storytelling & journalism

    I write about sustainability, the environment, human rights and social change. My articles break down the facts behind global issues and spotlight the human stories behind the environmental crisis and how we fix it.

    > copywriting

    Doing good doesn't always sound exciting. My job is to make sure it does. I create tone of voice guidelines that embrace the unexpected, and write brand-led copy for webpages, blogs, reports and campaigns.

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    > journalism

    The Solutionists

    by Solitaire Townsend

    Assisting Solitaire Townsend with research and drafting of her book about the business leaders putting sustainability first

    Huck magazine: Meet the 'trollhunters' battling climate disinformation

    An article for Huck magazine about the endlessly patient souls keeping online climate denialism at bay

    TOPIA magazine:

    Meet the seedsavers

    A feature exploring the crucial work of heirloom seed saving, and the people protecting the diversity of our foods.

    BBC Future Planet:

    The climate films

    shaping society

    An article for the BBC's Future Planet series, exploring the need for subtler, more varied portrayals of climate change in film & TV

    TOPIA magazine:

    On the wings of science

    A feature article about the extraordinary life of the common cuckoo

    TOPIA magazine:
    If it's broke, fix it

    A feature article sharing stories from creative street menders who are giving new life to junk

    TOPIA magazine:
    Recycling ourselves to cheat death

    A feature exploring the (often bizarre) ways our bodies and their outputs can be fed back into the infinite cycle of life

    Investment Weekly:

    op-ed on gender investing

    GenderSmart's op-ed on the importance of investing to support gender equality in light of the overturning of Roe v Wade

    (via agency Catch)

    Atlas of the Future:

    Articles and newsletters for Atlas of the Future's FashionFutures series, about the people tackling fast fashion

    Atlas of the Future:
    FutureFashionMedia exhibition

    Editorial for a digital exhibition that asks: how can the media power a more just and sustainable fashion industry?

    Atlas of the Future: profile stories on culture, fashion & plastics

    More than 50 interviews and stories putting positive, world-changing projects on the map – from flip-flop ships to the power of hip hop

    The Ecologist:
    Time's Up

    An article about the UK's largest ever environmental lobby of Parliament in June 2019

    The Ecologist:

    The end of the Amazon

    An article about Jair Bolsonaro's environmental agenda and its likely impact on the environment, written prior to his presidency

    Size of Wales: Supporting people, protecting the planet

    An article outlining the link between indigenous rights and climate change

    If Not Us Then Who: How indigenous peoples are protecting the planet

    An article about the role of indigenous communities in tackling climate change

    The SDG Review:

    Reinventing Careers

    An article for the SDG Review about building sustainable livelihoods. (Also available here, p.80)

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    > copy & content for apps and websites


    app copywriting

    Words for a Depop-style fashion resale app that plants trees and corals with every purchase

    Concern Worldwide:

    Campaign messaging

    Messaging support for Concern's 'Nothing Kills Like Hunger' campaign (via agency Don't Panic)

    Write Up:


    Copy for an editorial agency working to decolonise the curriculum and make all textbooks inclusive

    B Lab: The power of business in the cost of living crisis

    A guidebook for businesses about supporting people and planet in the cost of living crisis

    The Oddserver:
    Food + climate newsletter

    Oddbox's monthly newsletter about the latest news from the food industry and its impact on the environment


    Food Revolution report

    Words for a breakthrough report on the public conversation about food and sustainability

    (via agency Futerra)

    Tommy Hilfiger: sustainability & representation stories

    Stories that spotlight the people involved in Tommy Hilfiger's extensive sustainability strategy

    (via agency Futerra)

    Creative Mentor Network:


    Copywriting for a charity working to make the creative industries more inclusive

    Climate's hidden enemy: food waste

    An article outlining food waste's dramatic impact on the climate crisis, and a new campaign to drive political action

    The complicated truth about plastic

    An article exploring why plastic can be an environmental friend as well as foe

    Verive: Why is greenwashing bad news for sustainability?

    Articles for sustainable packaging company Verive, on greenwashing, circularity, plastics and food waste

    Escape the City:

    Brand voice style guide

    Voice and tone guidelines for Escape the City

  • > other fun things

    Unpsychology magazine:

    Climate Minds edition

    Poetry for the 4th edition of Unpsychology, a publication exploring psychology and ecology (p32)

    Side Hustle School:

    Podcast stories

    Script-writing for Chris Guillebeau's popular podcast

    Financial Times:

    live video interview

    Discussing career change and the future of work with the Financial Times

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    I'd love to get a (virtual?) coffee, share ideas, or talk about how we might work together.


    Reach me on email: beccajwarner@gmail.com


    Or say hi on Twitter: @beccawarner